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Cloud services

Cloud Service

Cloud Migrations

We provide industry relevant advice on cloud migration initiatives, to scale business services across multiple cloud deployment models. We ensure a smooth transition, and help you maximize value while minimizing risks and costs

Cloud Service

Cloud Architecture & Strategy

With our strategic advisory services and access to technical experts, we provide the support required to successfully deliver on your business objectives. We typically deliver actionable insights within weeks of beginning an engagement

Cloud Service

Cloud Automation & DevOps

 We offer guidance and tools to build, deploy, and support resilient cloud applications at scale. We provide a stellar DevOps delivery approach that combines people, processes, and technologies that transcends traditional application delivery inefficiencies 

Cyber Security


Identity & Access Management

Organizations today are leveraging cloud technologies to be more agile, efficient, and scalable. We enable organizations to design zero trust, and adaptive control of their identity and access management processes with context-based authentication and authorization across the digital ecosystem


Application Security

We avail organizations to mature their software security practice by introducing secure-SDLC, threat modeling, static, dynamic and interactive application security testing, and software composition analysis. We can launch application security awareness, interactive training and security champion programs within your development teams


Cloud & Data Security

Organizations worry about the security of application and data when migrating to the cloud. We assist with building context-aware access controls, advanced encryption, and tokenization solutions to protect the application and guarantees data compliance. Setup continuous security assessment and audit to maintain workload posture, and quick response to unexpected events

digital transformation

Digital Transformation


We work with your team to identify and classify business critical data that needs to be digitized and implement a process to digitize the data. We also establish a digital native approach to data creation and data capture

Digital Transformation

Agile Transformation

We help set up the Agile Project Management Office (APMO) or Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) and work with the team to develop a fit-for-purpose Implementation Roadmap depending on the Agile frameworks selected for your organization

Digital Transformation

Enterprise Application

We provide enterprise application planning, and implementation. Our landscape covers eCommerce solutions, enterprise resource management, and customer relationship management.


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With our strategic advisory services to technical delivery expertise, we give you an end-to-end experience required to deliver on business objectives and successful transformation

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